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Jordan, the Coach

As an Acting Coach, Jordan translates his theatrical training for Film and TV actors, empowering them to get into their bodies and out of their heads. He teaches tools from his NYU training, his Blue Man career, and his 15 years of Film and TV experience, as well as using human psychology and personal mindfulness as springboards into the work.


A firm believer of harnessing impulse as a tool, Jordan emplores his actors to trust their guts, to work on their feet, to bend rules, and, overall, to do what is right for them in this moment. In addition to some of his own acting tools such as "Conspiracy Theories" and "The Line," actors who work with Jordan explore techniques by Jerzy Grotowski, Laban, Viewpoints, Harold Guskin, Chekhov, and Stanislavski.

Jordan has helped actors book series regulars and leads, and everything else.

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Virtual Self-Taping Coaching

Jordan ran Book From Tape, an industry-leading self-tape facility for 10 years. He encourages actors to create environments and make bold choices that will help them book the role... or book the room.

Jordan has helped actors book series regulars, leads, recurring guest stars, and all other role types on major networks and opposite A-list actors. His specialty is helping an actor take ownership over the audition and make bold choices grounded in rich, full-bodied, environment-driven action.

30-60 Minute Options

Private Coaching

In his private coaching sessions, Jordan meets actors where they are in their careers and crafts. He provides audition coaching, ongoing acting technique, and, frankly, whatever you'd like to cover.

30-90 Minute Options



Jordan is an actor and coach, primarily, but started taking headshots when his younger clients needed updated shots. He now works with actors of all ages, helping them be true to themselves in their shots.

His favorite quote during a session: "The moment we stop thinking about getting a good headshot is when we get good a headshot."

$125/Look, 1-4 Looks. H/MUA Available

Custom Clips

No distractions, no filler, just a dynamic reel that shows your best acting and keeps the focus on you, and no one else. Jordan will help you write, style, shoot, and edit a custom clip that helps you capture those roles at the top of your list.

$125/Look, 1-4 Looks. H/MUA Available

Group Classes

Jordan's group classes are a reflection of his 4 years at NYU, his 13 years as a Blue Man, and his experiences on set. Jordan encourages his actors to follow impulse, to trust their guts, to value exploration over homework, and to translate full-body connection for on-camera aesthetics.

$200-$300, on average

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